Would you like to become an a.i.r. nyc charity rider during the 2017 TD Five Boro Bike Tour? Your fitness fundraising will help asthmatic children and adults in New York City stay active, healthy, and out of the hospital. There are only 10 entries available, so sign up today! Your entry fee is covered and each rider receives a start pass, a light breakfast on the day of the tour, and a hot buffet lunch after the ride, courtesy of Bike New York. 

Please fill out the form below. Once you have been accepted, we will reach out to you with a confirmation email that will include instructions for creating a personal fundraising page and a credit card commitment of $750, the minimum amount you must raise for a.i.r. nyc. In the meantime, feel free to check out Bike New York for more information. The 2017 TD Five Boro Bike Tour takes place on Sunday, May 7

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TD Five Boro Bike Tour - Sunday, May 7, 2017
Please tell us about yourself, your biking experience, and why you would like to bike for a.i.r. nyc.