Aging in Place is an integrated approach to home-based care intended to support independent living as people age. AIRnyc specializes in home-based care and deploys Community Health Workers to help patients assess needs, raise awareness about available resources, modify homes to assist with fall prevention, understand medications, keep appointments, and establish other practices that enable self-care at home. Community Health Workers encourage discussions with primary care on advanced directives/health care proxies.

Building rapport and trust allows Community Health Workers to engage older adults in conversations about Advanced Care Planning (or Advanced Directives) and conduct Home Safety Evaluations and baseline assessments focused on falls prevention, while administering tools like The Tinetti Falls Efficacy Scale (FES) and a “Get-Up and Go” Test. The Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living(IADL) help Community Health Workers  measure improvements in living over time.