75% fewer hospital admissions


How we work

follow the evidence base 

AIRnyc has 18 years of experience providing services at the household level. We also learn from our colleagues and communities. And we know that interventions at the household level that are led by Community Health Workers, especially with the strategic use of technology, have a strong evidence-base across numerous chronic conditions.

hire the right people

We sustain our mission with the workforce we hire. Our team knows the languages, cultures, and communities of the families we serve. Our emphasis on professional development makes good on our commitment to the mission, giving our team the skills and training to advance their careers. And our team is committed, with most staying with us for five, ten, even more than fifteen years.

Community Health Workers are both natural helpers and effective sources of information and motivation for people managing chronic conditions. For AIRnyc, this means hiring people who can empathize with families while providing guidance on asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and aging.

Connect with patients

AIRnyc makes the most difference for families with the greatest needs. Our holistic, multi-generational approach to support and inspire self-directed care at the household level embraces diverse needs. In a household struggling with food insecurity and a lack of employment, a caregiver who is herself pre-diabetic is also the lifeline for an elderly parent with diabetes and a child with asthma. AIRnyc is there to help and sustains that support over time.


“AIRnyc truly does the heavy-lifting of breaking down health-disparities. Patients receive the care they deserve. ”

Dr. Benjamin Aubey, MD, MPH

Harlem Hospital Center


-70 %

Emergency Department Visits



School Absences


"My CHW helped me with housing. I waited 5 years for repairs! Now, I'm getting things fixed."

Testimonial from a Bronx Family Member