AIRnyc CHW’s are highly skilled in Pediatric asthma care, but they also come from backgrounds not dissimilar to those of our patients. This combination of attributes allows families to trust them. AIRnyc is an amazing partner in the care of our Pediatric asthma patients.
— Mary McCord, MD, MPH, Director of Pediatrics, Gouverneur Health

AIRnyc provides integrated services for each household to support and empower patients and caregivers to take an active role in self-directed care of better health and chronic disease management, working with each family’s capabilities to improve health.

AIRnyc Community Health Workers know the families they serve and speak the languages of those engaged in our programs. By meeting families where they live, both physically and compassionately, AIRnyc Community Health Workers help to connect fragmented parts of the care system to increase access, provide care continuity, and inform patients of services that may be of benefit to them. 

This is why AIRnyc addresses multiple chronic diseases in home and community settings. With 18 years of experience, AIRnyc has seen first hand that vulnerable families in New York City are often burdened with more than one chronic disease.