Take the leap and join us for the 2017 tcs new york city marathon!

Run for AIRnyc and help thousands of New York City kids live active, healthy lives. Chronic disease shouldn't push these kids to the sidelines. You can help. 

Not selected by the TCS New York City Marathon drawing? This is your chance to run. We have 5 openings for official charity runners and you could be one of them! 

Selected by the drawing and want to run for a cause? Run for AIRnyc and make a difference. 

Please fill out the form below. Once you have been accepted, we will reach out to you with a confirmation that will include instructions for creating your personal fundraising page and a charity runner's agreement. 

Your signature on the charity runner's agreement confirms your initial $450 donation to kickstart your campaign and obligates you to raise or donate a remaining $2,550 for AIRnyc before the marathon for a total of $3,000. Thank you!

All approved charity runners receive an official AIRnyc marathon t-shirt and a messenger bag. 

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TCS New York City Marathon 2018