Run for AIRnyc

TCS New York City Marathon 11.03.19

This is your chance to run. 5 boroughs. 5 runners on the AIRnyc team.


Please fill out the form below. Once you have been accepted, we will reach out to you with a confirmation that will include instructions for creating your personal fundraising page and a charity runner's agreement. 

The AIRnyc headquarters are in the South Bronx, a neighborhood you will run through along 138th Street next November. And the families cheering you on will be the same families we serve every day throughout New York City. Your commitment to the marathon and to raising funds for AIRnyc will make a difference in their lives.

100% of your $3,000 pledge will be due on October 22, 2019, at 5PM EST. You can either raise these funds or make a donation yourself, or both. We welcome your application. And thank you.

All approved charity runners receive an official AIRnyc marathon t-shirt and backpack. 

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TCS New York City Marathon 2019